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Alton Bookkeeping for Small & Micro Businesses

Small & Micro Limited Company Bookkeeping Support

If you are a small or micro limited company I can relieve you of the burden of doing your business finance admin. I will sort out your sales receipts from your invoices, separate your credits from your debits, get your finances organised, and keep you updated with the financial health of your business.

A bookkeeper is different to an accountant; a bookkeeper is concerned with maintaining accurate records of your business transactions i.e. what you've got coming in vs what you're having to pay out. A bookkeeper raises your invoices and ensures you get paid, deals with outstanding payments, calculates and files your VAT & CIS, arranges to pay your suppliers, and provides you with reports on what is happening.

An accountant will oversee the accounts, assets and liabilities, interpret the data the bookkeeper has collated, and prepare the legal documents at the end of the financial year. Many accountants will provide bookkeeping services, but usually at a higher rate than a freelance bookkeeper.

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